Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gary-Song Ji Hyo, Most Likely To Be In a Scandal In 2014?

The 'Monday couple' Gary and Song Ji Hyo's love line is exponentially growning each day. They even showed their 'love' for each other at the "2013 SBS Entertainment Awards."

During the "2013SBS Entertainment Awards" held yesterday, Gary showed his endless love for Song Ji Hyo by yelling, "I want you, Song Ji Hyo!" Song Ji Hyo then replied with a simple "Thank you."

     The award ceremony had been held on a Monday and Gary had been sad that he could not be 'Monday couple' with Song Ji Hyo that day.
     Gary also gave personal bouquet of flowers to Song Ji Hyo when she received an award. As her thank-you message, Song Ji Hyo said, "I'll take this award as you telling me to be on good terms with Gary. Thank you," arousing laughter.
     However, Song Ji Hyo's relationship with her agency CEO had been publicized last year, making 'Monday couple' a bit awkward. Their relationship hasn't been talked about since then so no one knows of 'Monday couple' is actually possible in real life. Many are curious as to if they will really be caught by paparazzis next year, being involved in a real scandal.
    Internet users who saw this commented, "They were like a real couple yesterday," "What if they really go out?," etc.
Photo Credit: SBS and kpopstarz

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