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Gary's cameo part in Episode 6 of "Emergency Man and Woman"

 RunningManUpdate: Monday Couple ;)

[Gary to Cameo in "Emergency Man and Woman"]

Gary to be appeared in Episode 6 of drama "Emergency Man and Woman", which to be aired on February 8.
Gary: "I only met Song Ji Hyo on Mondays, but I was happy to see her again to film Emergency Man and Woman together. I hope the drama becomes a great success."
- Credit Enewsworld

[Behind The Scene] Monday Couple in "Emergency Man and Woman"- Credit tvN DRAMA

   Song Ji Hyo compliments Gary for good-looking. In the preview clip of "Emergency Man and Woman" episode 6, Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) called Gary (Daily driver) when she's drunk. She sang "Shower Later" and told Gary that he's handsome. She told Gary that she could give him a treatment as she has 'God's hand'.

Gary (Daily Driver) picks Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) up and brings her out from the restaurant.

Gary: "Oh my... Miss... Ah, seriously..."

Song Ji Hyo started singing *Shower Later*...

Gary: "Why do you shower at this time (Late night)... Oh my... Why do you have to drink so much..."

Song Ji Hyo staring him and said, "Sir...", Gary looking at her and asked, "Why?"

Song Ji Hyo: "Sir Gary"

Gary: "Gary? Who's Gary, I'm a driver."

Song Ji Hyo: "You're good looking~"

Gary felt shy and replied, "Ah... I've heard it sometimes. Ok now, I'll send you home..."

Song Ji Hyo: "Do you felt uncomfortable?"

Gary: "No, faster go into the car."

Song Ji Hyo showed her hands and said, "I have the God's hand.. God's hand."

Gary interlocked with her hands together and shyly said, "Ah... Yes. We can't go on like this, faster get into the car. I'm the God's driver."

- Gary's cameo part in Episode 6 of "Emergency Man and Woman"

Noted: I'm just love this couple. hehehe

Credit : Runner 


  1. give me a link to watch emengency men and women korea drama

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